Thursday, December 20, 2007

Preliminary List

Here's what I have so far. I have 28 spots still open. Thoughts?

Health and Fitness

1. Yoga at least 1x a week, for 6 months
2. Run or walk at least 1x a week for 6 months
3. Drink 80 ounces of water a day
4. Floss daily
5. Go to the dentist for teeth cleaning 1x per year
6. Get flu shot
7. Get annual check ups done both at my OBGYN and my regular doc
8. Have eyes checked annually


9. Write a will
10. Resolve Domestic Partner stuff
11. Start 529 College Savings Account
12. Plan and throw 1st birthday party for Noah and Grace
13. Write letters to my dad at least twice a month for 12 months

Self Improvement and Well Being

14. Read 52 books/year
15. Finish Thesis proposal
16. Finish Thesis
17. File for Graduation
18. Graduate
19. Go on a Starbucks fast for an entire month once a year.
20. Burke-Williams at least 3 times a year.
21. Hair cut at least every 6 weeks
22. For a month, go back to low carb, low fat diet
23. For a month, record everything I eat
24. Pedicures at least every other month for a year.


25. Have something written for writing group at least every other month for a year
26. Attend writing group at least every other month for a year
27. Attempt at least one month of 365 Days photos (sure... it's only 30 or 31 days but still....)
29. Knit a lap blanket
30. Quilt a quilt for Noah
31. Quilt a quilt for Grace
32. Hem all the pants that are floating around the house
33. Quilt a quilt for myself


34. Use travel mug at least twice a week.
35. Buy bottled water no more than once a month (use Nalgene!)
36. Bring at least two cloth bags each time I go to the grocery store


37. Learn and use baby signs
38. Sign up for a gymboree class for one session and try it
39. Go to Mommy and Me Yoga at least once a month for 6 months.

Giving back

42. Donate blood once a year.
43. Locate one charity and make a donation in the names of friends and family for holidays
44. Volunteer for Parent Connection at HMH.
45. Donate extra preemie clothes to HMH.

Culture and Entertainment

47. Go OUT to the movies at least twice a year
48. Go to Huntington Gardens at least 6 times a year.
49. Go to the Getty Center at least once
50. Go to LACMA at least once
51. Take the baby to see the horses being exercised at Santa Anita
52. Take the baby to San Diego Zoo
53. Set and keep date nights every other week for 6 months.


55. Set a Starbucks budget and stick to it for each month.
56. Create a 529 Account for Noah and Grace
57. Put $1/day in an ING savings for a year
58. Create an ING savings account for Christmas.
59. STICK to what is in the account for holiday gifts.
60. Collect all change for a year.
61. Roll change and deposit in credit union for N & G.


62. Go to PNW to see Julia and Gordon.
63. Go to Ohio to see Mom and Dad.
64. Pick and arrange a Thanksgiving location that will be affordable.


69. Buy a car seat for a bigger sized baby.

Cooking and Food

79. Cook and eat at home at least twice a week.
80. Make soup once a month
81. In winter, spring and fall, roast vegetables once a month
82. In summer, grill vegetables once a month.
83. Eat vegetables at least once a day
84. When eating dinner or lunch out, every other time order a salad
85. Try a new recipe at least 4 times a year
86. Bake cookies at least once per winter

Clean Up

88. Take baby clothes to consignment sales
89. Sell Medela Classic Breast Pump
90. Each winter or summer clean closet and dresser and donate all ill fitting clothes
91. Only buy replacement clothing (each item coming in must be accompanied by an item leaving) for myself
92. Clean the car, top to bottom, at least once every other month


101. Write a new 101/1001 list


rboston said...

ack, I really need t0o get going on my list. I had mine up to around 65, but blogger would not take a cut and paste when I tried and I ended up losing about 25 of the things on the list somehow.

Do you mind if I link to your blogs on mine? I need an easy way to have the blogger blogs I read all in one place. Surely there is a way, right? Like Flist on LJ.

badmommy said...

I can't figure out Blogger AT ALL. But no, I don't mind.