Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oof tired

I'm getting irked waiting for the dissolution paper work. Grr. Argh. If it doesn't arrive tomorrow, I'll have to follow up.

I have $16 left on my starbucks card. YAY! I've realized that I LIKE having iced tea, but if I have some in a thermos I don't feel the need to stop. So I made some iced tea tonight and its in the fridge.

Dinner was leftovers.

I need to get better about veggies and salad. Sunday for dinner we had a roast with steamed veggies that was surprisingly good.

Happy Thing from Sunday was the yum of dinner.

Happy Thing from Monday was finding a short story by K. Vonnegut and also getting the books for CYRM.

Happy Thing from Tuesday was Gracie time.

Short to do for tomorrow

1. Send rent
2. Mail thank you to Denise, write one to Kristen, mail two packages
3. appointment for haircut
4. print short stories
5. returns, if time
6. buy formula
7. make up memo re: CYRM books
8. call Iwata

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