Thursday, January 24, 2008

Progress Notes:

I'm still doing pretty well about eating at home. We had fred steak with steamed veggies on Tuesday and last night I had salad. For lunch today, I brought a sandwich and some yogurt.

Also, I've done a fair amount of research about dissolving the domestic partnership, including working up the forms for a marital separation agreement. I should have everything ready to file by the first of the February. YAY progress.

Wednesday's Happy Thing? Knowing I have only one more ARWP meeting. And then an open mic in June, but I can think about that later.

I have to get on top of writing notes to people. And maybe the holiday card this year will be valentines?

Also, I forgot to mention but last week I went to BW and had my eyebrows waxed. They look good, but it was a weird ass experience.

1 comment:

rboston said...

I had to google to find out what a Fred Steak is.

I think I might be going into a slow progress couple of weeks, but I think that is the genius of this project. It allows for that.

Keeping up with the monthly tasks is sometimes more than enough.