Saturday, February 16, 2008

Things that have been accomplished:

I've done a good clean sweep of baby clothes and my clothes. We are making a run to goodwill today. I hope today.

I also did some blankets for noah (item 30).

And we found a house! YAY house! So 98 is in progress.

We did pretty bad at the whole dining at home thing this week -- mainly because I didn't set up menus, etc. That seems to be what makes or breaks my ability to cook at home.

On the line up for food this week:

chicken salsa, which will be turned into chicken tortilla soup
grilled chicken with corn relish
creamy shells with peas and bacon.

Oh man. I'm tired at the thought of moving.... lots to pack and lots to pitch.

So happy things:

Thursday: having gemelli and how sweet Noah was all day.

Friday: getting the house for sure.

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