Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yesterday and Today

Happy Thing from Friday: seeing ita.

Happy Thing from Today: the sausage cheddar biscuits rock.

Other things done:

  • groceries (I remembered both coupons AND to take my own bags)
  • some food prepped (including soup and the biscuits and I did some of the bake prep)
  • several rounds of dishes were done
  • sheets changed (that should totally be one of my 101 things -- change sheets once a week. I think where I have duplicates like taking a cloth bag to the grocery store, I'm adding that instead) and washed
  • went to yoga with the baby
  • paid a bill and bought the cutest Sandra Boynton book ever.
  • tried to get formula at Target, but they didn't have the right kind. Grr. That means I'll have to go to Babies R Us tomorrow so I can use the coupon.


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