Thursday, March 20, 2008

Goodness. I suck at regular updating.

Tons of progress has been made.

I've been to one GM event finally. We're going to another today. I think courting mom friends is hard and a little like rushing a sorority (which I also sucked at and only lasted 1 meeting).

I've been reading like crazy. I finished

14. Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. Her books always leave me feeling slightly dirty.

15. Also read A Tale of Two Sisters by Anna Maxted (I like her and it was on the sale table). I love her books as they are often somewhat unexpected. But this one had ample issues around fertility and miscarriage so not light reading for me.

16. Beauty Shop for Rent by Laura Bowers. Sweet and light YA.

17. She Went All the Way by Meg Cabot. Fun. light. Super super super predictable.

18. Derby Girl by Shauna Cross, which is good YA for those rocker girls who think of themselves as so so different.

The next book is Joanne Harris.

I've been cooking more again and eating out less, which is good.

Next week I start the fat farm diet for 8 weeks, meeting that goal.

We are in the midst of planning Noah and Grace's first birthday parties. What kind of food should we serve? I was thinking potstickers, Teri chicken, noodles? Maybe salad?

In prep for their birthday, I've set up savings accounts for Noah and Grace. They aren't 529s because 529s have lots of hidden fees. Just simple ING accounts. But one for each of them.

I bought daffodils the other day. They look GREAT in the new kitchen.

We also bought a Britax car seat on sale since Little Man is getting bigger.

The baby clothes and other consignment stuff is ready to go. The sale is next week. YAY consignment!

I bought a new pair of jeans and a skirt, but only after getting rid of a bag of clothes. I'm low on pants right now.

I had my eyes checked and I've gotten lots of new pairs of glasses, including a couple of pair purchased from the uber inexpensive Zenni Optical.

I finally got my hair cut. I look so much better with reasonable hair.

And I went to Burke Williams, though they pissed me off.

Anyhow, lots of good progress. Spring break is a good time to get things done.

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Julie said...

Hey didn't know you had this. Very nice. I like that I'm on it. :) Will you add..."send email with new address to friends who miss me..and who accidently deleted their outlook addressbook while loading skype." Miss you. You are amazing.